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Transitioning to Old Age is Definite, doing it gracefully is a Choice


Care World Home Care Agency offers the most reliable elder care services in Thousand Oaks, California. Understanding is one of the values we observe and is the foundation of the services we aim to deliver. We see to it that the needs of our clients are fully understood, so here we present a short guide about the conditions of transitioning to old age.

Life can be divided into 4 main stages: childhood, adolescence, middle age, and the senior years. We tend to categorize people to these stages based on their age but, it shouldn’t be that way. Each of us are at our own pace in growing more emotionally mature and how our physical bodies age, which leads to a conclusion that transition to old age may vary from one person to the other. Regardless, we are all excited in reaching the next stage. As kids, we couldn’t wait to become like the cool teenagers we see on the streets, and when we reach adolescence, we want to rush things to become like the adults who has everything figured out and so on. But this stops once we come close to the old age or our senior years.

Closing in to the old age comes with a continuous decrease in cognitive and sensory processing which opens a challenge in remembering things – especially people. Limits in the motor skills will also become evident such as decrease in strength and endurance. These things are what makes people start denying the fact that they are getting older and they just start wanting to reverse the flow of time. Sooner or later, we would have to face the reality that growing old is inevitable and is up to us on making the most out of it, and age as gracefully as possible. The first step towards this is accepting the fact that it is indeed happening. It is not about your looks or what activities you are still capable to perform. Aging gracefully is simply achieving happiness and generally feeling great about yourself. Everyone in this stage of life should strive in viewing old age as a chance to celebrate all your accomplishments, hard work and the wisdom you have gained in your life.

Yes, transitioning to old age can be scary and this is probably because of how the society only points out the negative effects of aging. What people fear most is the physiological effects it entails like having a weaker body or catching serious illnesses resulting to the loss of independence. But, you don’t necessarily have to face these challenges alone. We have our friends and family who can support and help us in having a healthy aging and that is what we at Care World Home Care Agency aim to provide to our clients: a companion that can give security to our aging loved ones as they go through with the activities in their daily lives.

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Our home care services enable people to keep growing and remain open to new experiences, despite old age.

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