Caregiver Uniform: A Couple Bucks, Rewards of Caregiving: Priceless

A caregiver agency in Los Angeles believes that not everybody possesses the virtues of a good caregiver. It maintains the idea that there are specific qualities that need to be refined and taken to heart before a person can provide genuine care. It strictly scrutinizes the character of each of its caregivers before they become a part of its business. But it also admits that while caregiving can be a real challenge, its rewards are priceless.

Although not everyone can be a good caregiver instantly, most of us at some point in time have experienced caring for someone. We all have parents, siblings, spouses, or friends that become part of our lives and earn spaces in our hearts. We develop bonds that teach us to show compassion and kindness to them.

But what about caring for people who are not part of our lives? People we probably don’t even know? This question leads us to a more specific one: Is caring an innate or learned quality?

As we gain more experience in life, we get a clearer picture of what people mean to us. Our dealings with our friends, loved ones, and people around us bring to light the tendency of humans to care for one another. Caregivers in Los Angeles develop tender loving care to their patients they’ve never taken care of before.

Studies show that compassion is hardwired into our brains. One case study reveals that a part of the brain heaves the most care and compassion to our offsprings. Another study confirms that the same region of the brain is stimulated when we see victims of violence and other misfortune. But, the most interesting result confirmed by these studies is that caring for and helping others create the same level of pleasure one gets by rewarding himself. So, it is clear that caring is indeed an innate nature of humans. This also means that it can be improved and become unconditional, and it also gives us an immeasurable amount of joy.

“One problem with our generation is that we always think we have something better to do. But what do you have going on that could possibly be more important than caring for your older, ill loved ones who need you in the last years of their lives?”

These were the words of Marianne Williamson, a spiritual author, during a lecture about caregiving. Most elderly people have probably taken care of their children, spouses and many other people in their lifetime. Does this remind you of a person or two?

You probably remember a time when your mom, dad, or any of your loved ones put a thermometer on top of your tongue as a kid. They found out you had a fever, gave you medication, and took you to the doctor. You probably saw them watch over you as you sleep, wiping the sweat off your back. When you got better, they probably cooked your favorite meal and bought you toys as presents. You’ve probably seen their faces exhibiting incomparable joy when you have finally recovered from your illness.

The elderly people today who need love and care are no different from your parents and loved ones. They deserve to be taken care of too, now that they are at a delicate stage of their lives. They used to care for small children like you were before and they too have memories of the compassion and care they have provided.

If these words move you, then you have what it takes to be a good caregiver. You have the privilege to relive sweet memories time has concealed. The joy you bring to elderly people is a fraction of the joy it will bring back to you. If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in caregiving, your passion for caring for the elderly will give you the most rewarding career out there.

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