Check Our Programs for Senior Caregiving in and out of Ventura County and Los Angeles County, CA

Care World Home Care Agency provides a comprehensive senior caregiving program for your loved ones in Los Angeles County, CA.


When your senior loved-one is discharged from the hospital, the effects of their conditions aren’t necessarily gone when they return home. This often makes it difficult for seniors trying to adjust back to daily life, increasing the risk of readmission.

Many times, the patient’s family can’t come to pick up the patient. Thankfully, Care World’s Care Transition Program can help make that transition back to home easier by providing the following senior care services: This is a 4-hour service on the day of discharge and families love it because it is hard to miss work! Our aide will come to the hospital and bring the patient home. Here is what we do best:

  • Communication with family and healthcare providers. We pick up the loved one at the hospital and let the family know the time we leave the hospital and again call them the time we arrive home. Communicating to let everyone know that the patient is doing great with our staff. We also let the family know when we are leaving their loved one after we have completed all our tasks.
  • Medication pickup and reminders. On the way home from the hospital, we will stop and fill any prescriptions from the patient’s pharmacy. One of the main reasons for a slower recovery is the improper use of medications. We can help make sure that they’re taking what they need when they need it. In addition, our staff can program the medication schedule into the patient’s cell phone using the reminders area on the cell phone.
  • Meal preparation. We can stop at the local supermarket and pick up any essential items that may be needed. Eating nutritious meals is the foundation of health. We can fix meals for any diet — even for special dietary requirements such as diabetes or congestive heart failure.
  • Housework. Your loved one needs to focus on recovery. Our private caregivers in Los Angeles County and Ventura County, CA areas can help by taking care of typical daily chores, such as vacuuming, washing dishes, and cleaning the bathroom. Many clients go to the hospital unexpectedly and one common chore that is usually overlooked is taking out the trash. We make sure that this is done before we leave.

There is an alternative that will enhance your current discharge practices. Many healthcare facilities recognize the value of supervised care transitions provided by trained, reputable providers to safeguard against unnecessary readmissions.

Care World is at the forefront of these providers. Our Care Transition Program is structured to work with you, other healthcare providers, your patients, and their families. Our senior caregiving program in Los Angeles County or other adjacent places works to reduce your readmission rates, lower costs associated with readmissions, and enhance your reputation by providing quality service. Whether you currently have a transitional care program or not, our caregivers can improve your patients’ recovery, as well as improve your bottom line.


  • Regular visits. If you love our services during our care transition program to home then you can choose our caregivers to continue to check in on your family member to know that they are doing well and getting better.
  • FREE House cleaning a day or two prior to the patient’s discharge.
  • Transportation to doctor appointments. After your hospital stay, you may need regular doctor visits are important to most people’s recovery. If you aren’t able to drive yourself, those appointments can be hard to keep. We can get them where they need to go.