Your Trusted Senior Home Care Services in Los Angeles County, CA

While we spend so much time growing up, we often tend to forget that our parents are also growing old. With our busy schedule as adults, the least we can do to make sure that our parents are well taken care of is to find a trustworthy company who offers excellent senior home care services especially in Los Angeles County and Care World Home Care Agency is that exact company.

We believe that everyone, especially the elderly, needs a companion not just to keep them company but to make sure that their physical and emotional well-being are also maintained. This is the reason why we make sure that the elderly companions that we provide to stay with your parents or aging relatives are well-trained, experienced, and knowledgeable about the in’s and out’s of senior caregiving. You can be assured that the care that your elderly relatives will receive would be just like the care from a real family member.

Extra patience, caregiving expertise, sufficient emotional support, trustworthiness, care, and love. These are just some of the things that you can expect from the elderly companions that we will be providing for you.

Behavioral changes are very common, especially with the physiologic changes that naturally comes with aging, we make sure that the caregiving personnel that we will be matching for your love ones has sufficient training and experience. You are assured that they are qualified and would fit the specific needs of your parents, grandparents, or elderly relatives.

Our 26 years or experience in the senior care business will speak highly of us. That is why we are proud to say that we are one of the most trusted in elderly companion provider in the Los Angeles County. Read through some of their feedback to know what our clients have to say about us:

“Maria Elena and Jeffren’s attentive, kind, compassionate, loving care for our mother was astonishing. Their professionalism and humanity made this unbearable time tolerable for our family.

Care World Home Care Agency was always top-notch and always responsive to our evolving needs.”

-Shisim, F. and Ashkar, M. (2019) Los Angeles, CA

“Maybelle, Myla and Mary were attentive, they texted me and kept in communication with me. They are very kind as well.

Dhen Toledo was so helpful from the beginning when I was overwhelmed with the situation. She guided me and took the time to listen to me and understand my mom prior to the hospital and after. She was just so helpful - I cannot say enough. 🙂

Dhen was so important in the beginning, she is a nurse. She’s so helpful at a difficult time. She’s also very empathetic and she took the time to listen and guide me.”

-Ashton, R. (2018) Santa Monica, CA

“Care World Home Care Agency, thank you for providing us with our day nurse, Jovelina O. Claudio. She has been doing an exceptional job of keeping Donna safe and comfortable. We are very happy with Jov’s services and we hope she will continue to be employed by us for as long as she is needed.”

-Neptune, K. Northridge City, CA

“Gemma and Lea take incredible care of me in every way as if I were a sister that they loved very much. There is nothing that they would not do for me. They meet my every need. I cannot imagine my life without them!

Dhen has accommodated all our needs and requests very promptly without hesitation.”

-Denmar, A. (2017) Beverly Hills, CA

“Care World Home Care, this is to inform you of the excellent service I have gotten from your employee, Monica Mahugu. She is an asset to your company and has made the transition from hospital to home much easier for me.

You may use my name as a reference for Monica at any time.”

-Leonhard, J. Hawthorne, CA

“Nancy was hired by our family (through Care World Home Care Agency) to provide 24/7 care for my aunt, Maxine Tanney, after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

There is a great pressure when hiring someone to look after a loved on, but after meeting Nancy for the first time, Maxine knew that she was the person she wanted to help look after her. We all felt the same way as soon as we met her. It took no time at all for us to realize that we could count on Nancy for anything in regards to the care of Maxine. When medications were delivered incorrectly, she was on the phone immediately having the situation corrected. When there were changes between visits from the hospice nurse, Nancy made sure they were promptly. We valued her input greatly and Maxine trusted her implicitly, which was most important to us.

Nancy had mentioned her desire to become an LVN or to find a career path in the medical field. Her dedication to my aunt (and to keeping our family apprised of daily updates) leads me to believe that she could have a bright career in the medical field. She was professional and also possessed a loving and caring bedside manner.”

-Larkin, L. Los Angeles, CA

"There is great pleasure when hiring someone to look after a loved one. Nancy was hired by our family from Care World to care for my Aunt who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It took no time at all for us to realize that we could count on Nancy, when medications were delivered incorrectly, she was on the phone immediately having the situation corrected.We valued her input greatly."

-Larkin, L. (2015) Los Angeles

"They responded to my need with very short notice. The manager and their staff returned all our calls promptly and was very helpful and considerate. You'll be glad to hire from them".

-Strelitz, G. (2010) Los Angeles

"In a very short notice, the area manager paid me a visit together with the caregivers for me to interview and select with. It can be an extra emotional burden to be concerned with the quality of strangers sharing our home at this difficult time. Care World has taken the stress out of the situation and I especially appreciated the opportunity to interview prospective caregivers to choose the one I felt most suited for me."

-Khatchikian (2010) Santa Monica

"We contacted this agency for a need of a hospital sitter for my dad who underwent surgery. He was at risk of pulling his tubing and was disoriented due to his medications. That very same night on after the surgery, Care World was able to provide a sitter for my Dad. We called other agencies but Care World response time was very quick and their rates are reasonable too."

-Levin, K. (2008) Calabasas

"Care World responded to our query and helped us get a help for my husband. The caregiver turned out very capable and patient. We had a very good and happy experience with this agency."

-Izen, P. (2007) Valencia

"With very short notice, their case manager was able to provide us with a very kind young woman to attend to our mom's night time care needs. We had three (3) different sitters from this agency and all of whom were very nice and capable."

-Orenstein, J. (2007) Woodland Hills

Like them, you can also have the best and the most trustworthy senior care services in Los Angeles County, CA. Call us at 800-418-8576. You can also send us an email regarding your questions and concerns at Here at Care World Home Care Agency, we believe that no one deserves to be left alone.