Fun Activities To Do with the Elderly

Young adults nowadays keep complaining about their aching joints and backs, but we all know that things will get even harder once we reach our golden age, which is in our 60s. Aging comes with not only physical issues but mental and emotional issues as well. One way to maintain or prevent these problems from developing further is by playing games or engaging in fun activities with the elders.

There are countless ways to have fun, regardless of age. So we’ll be listing activities that are perfect for elders no matter what condition they are in. 

The Benefits of having Interactional Activities

Our loved ones can gain many benefits from such activities, no matter how easy and simple they are. These benefits can consist of:

  • Minimizing loneliness and depression.
  • Help manage deteriorating motor skills.
  • Enhance their self-confidence and independence.
  • Promote the feeling of being accomplished.
  • Creating a bond and enhancing emotional connection.
  • Minimize boredom and improve quality of life.

Loss of mobility doesn’t always mean you’ll no longer enjoy life; there will always be another way to have fun, even with the lack of movement.

Simple but Fun Activities

Since our seniors have limited energy to use, simple games that don’t take too much energy are enough to keep them entertained. Activities that consist of hand movements and a bit of strategy will not only help with exercising their hands, but these will also help improve their memory and problem-solving skills.

Here are some games and activities that elders can do:

  • Air Hockey

We usually see kids, teens, and younger adults playing air hockey, but our senior loved ones can also enjoy a game or two. As we all know, air hockey is an adrenaline-inducing game because of the players’ competitiveness. If seniors and their loved ones or caretakers play the game together, the younger player can tone down the aggressiveness and match that of the older player. 

A chill, non-competitive game like air hockey will help improve our loved ones’ hand and eye coordination skills.

  • Zumba

Who remembers Zumba? Most of us have probably done this activity once or maybe as a regular workout session. This type of interval workout is designed to boost our heart rate and cardio endurance. Since there’s an option for a low-intensity dance class, our seniors who can still move and do a bit of exercise will surely enjoy the dance moves and pumped-up music.

  • Gardening

Some of the elders, especially women, love flowers and tending to different kinds of plants. Allowing them to tend a garden during their free time we’ll keep them preoccupied, as well as enjoy their time outdoors. This should also be applied in nursing homes so that our elders don’t feel like they’re trapped inside an institute.

  • Cooking and Baking

Some grandmas and even grandpas love to cook and bake for their families. If they still have the energy to cook and bake, allow them to do so, but make sure that they have company to assist and support them. Our seniors no longer have the strength and energy of their younger years, so it’s crucial to have someone reliable look out for them to prevent accidents.

  • Pet Therapy

Animals always manage to steal our hearts, no matter their shapes or sizes. Whether it’s a fish, bird, cat, dog, or a typical barn animal, seeing a cute animal at least once or a few times a week will surely brighten our loved one’s day. If you are living with your grandparents or senior parents, how about giving them a pet they can easily take care of, especially if they were animal lovers during their younger years?

There are many more activities worth mentioning, but some of the things we’ve mentioned here are chill and easier to do daily. Everyone deserves to be happy, no matter what their age. So simple activities like these will surely give them the idea that there are still a lot of things they can enjoy in life.

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