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Common Ailments of Senior Citizens

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As we approach the older years, the concern for our health significantly increases, and senior citizens tend to be more at risk of  health problems and conditions which is why we, family members, need to pay close attention to them. But oftentimes, we also have our own lives to focus on and the best alternative is getting specialized care. Care World Home Care Agency is a provider of elder care services in Camarillo, CA and in this blog, we provide a deeper understanding about the common conditions or illnesses that the elderly may face. This way, it is easier to help them in the prevention, as well as treatments for these ailments – generally improving their quality of life.

Chronic Diseases

Chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer are the leading diseases that affect people aged above 60. What people often think is that these illnesses are part of growing old, but that is not necessarily the case. There are many preventive measures that we can take such as practicing a healthier lifestyle including a healthy diet, exercise, and avoiding substance abuse. To aid you in observing these things, there are caregivers who specialize in preparing healthy meals and carrying out exercise routines, helping clients maintain a healthier lifestyle. They can also help check and monitor some symptoms of these chronic illnesses which can help identify early signs thus, preventing them from getting worse.

Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema are some of the most common illnesses that people of older age suffers from. These ailments decreases our body’s ability to fight off respiratory infections making us prone to influenza and pneumonia. There are many ways of preventing these diseases including a healthy diet, eliminating tobacco use, and getting an annual flu shot. With the services of a specialized in-home caregiver, you can easily practice a healthy daily routine and be able to keep a better track of medical appointments such as checkups, annual shots and even the scheduled taking of medications.

Sensory Impairment

Decreased hearing and vision are very common to the elderly people. Glaucoma, being the most common, is composed of multiple eye conditions that destroy the optic nerve which is essential for a clear vision. More causes of vision loss for senior citizens is cataract and macular degeneration. Fortunately, this type of ailments can be corrected with hearing aids and eyeglasses. Your personal in home caregiver can make sure that these aids will be kept updated and have a proper storage and maintenance which generally keeps them in a good condition.

Cognitive and Mental Disorders

The most common cognitive health issues that the elderly face is dementia, which is the loss of cognitive functions including memory, the ability to think, and the capability to learn new things. Another is Alzheimer’s Disease which can put the safety of seniors at a high-risk. These cognitive issues are often closely tied with Depression. For instance, people with Alzheimer’s commonly suffer from depression as well, but it is difficult to diagnose since they both have similar symptoms making this illness even more dangerous. But, having a healthy diet and a regular exercise plan can reduce the adverse effects of these illnesses, and your private duty caregiver can assist with these. They also offer companionship so that your loved ones will have someone to speak with and share their thoughts and feelings. They are trained to handle and manage emotions and generally helps maintain good mental health.

Other common ailments for the elderly that you should watch out for are poor oral healthmalnutrition and HIV or AIDS. But most of the mentioned illnesses can be prevented and treated with close monitoring. This makes home care services very helpful and almost essential in enhancing safety, and maintaining a good quality of life for our aging family members. So if you want to learn more about our 24 hour caregivers in Camarillo, CA, feel free to give us a call at 1800-418-8576.

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